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CATHY ERICKSON BAND "Me and My Mom" (2012)

1. Music, Music, Music
2. Walk Through This World With Me
3. Valley City
4. Lappland Polka
5. Jaybird Waltz (Cathy)
6. Snow Waltz (Cathy)
7. Julida Polka
8. Kiss Me Polka
9. Faded Love (MaryJo)
10. Big City (MaryJo)
11. Wathever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)
12. Memories You Have Left Me Waltz (Cathy)
13. Thank You For Loving Me
14. Satin Sheets (MaryJo)
15. Coconut Grove
16. My Melody Of Love
17. Open My Eyes
18. If We Never Meet This Side Of Heaven (Cathy)
19. French Song (When The Sun Says Good-Day) (Cathy)
20. Star Spangled Banner (MaryJo)




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