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Polka Spotlight Cable TV Show - The band performed on the TV Show "Polka Spotlight" in Brooklyn Park, MN, in which we have performed in March, 2010; September 2011, September 2012, July 2013, August 2016, March 2019, what March 2022. Our band had an amazing time. Watch us on youtube.

The Polka Spotlight show spotlights local music, mainly polka. We have live dancers and live bands (sort of an "American Bandstand" for seniors!).

It was a wonderful experience with a great owner, host/hostess, and wonderful dancers!

Polka Spotlight can been seen on Channels 12, 16, 19 and 20 in the Brooklyn Park, MN area.

Tapings for the show are free to the public.
Northwest Community Television
6900 Winnetka Avenue North
Brooklyn Park MN 55428

Watch online:
Click on Program Guide
Type in Cathy Erickson Band

Mollie B. Polka Party, Medina Ballroom, Medina, MN. Taping was held on August 10, 2013.
RFD-TV - Check your local cable, satelitte, dish network for channel information.

Show is being aired Saturday 9/28/13 at 9:00pm (10pm EST) and repeats Monday, 9/30/13 at 3:00am (4:00am EST).

Show is being aired Wednesday 10/23/13 at 6:00pm (7pm EST) and repeats Thursday, 10/24/13 at 8:00am (9:00am EST).

Big Joe Polka Show

The band has performed on the Big Joe Polka Show in Medina, MN, in July 2008 and
July 2006. It was an amazing time and we have meet a lot of nice peopole from that show.


Prairie Musicians program on Praire Public Broadcasting TV show in Fargo, ND featuring the Cathy Erickson Band, September 6, 2013. Watch us on Prairie Public. Click here Also on youtube, click here

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